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Violet Lumley Rau Literacy Project

Heritage University has an exciting new program to train teachers in how to address the specialized needs of first generation college students.  The Ross Institute is named after Dr. Kathleen Ross, who led Heritage from a fledgling bird to the eagle of an institution it is today. Heritage continues to train the next generation of people serving our area in education, nursing, law, other needed professions.

There was a dynamic trio of women who led the charge at the beginning.  Dr. Ross, Martha Yallup, and Violet Lumley Rau. They partnered together to help improve the educational outcomes of the Yakama nation and other people.  It took vision and determination.  

To honor all of them, a series of books will be published, with portions of the proceeds going to the Violet Lumley Rau Literacy Project.  Book sales will funnel to the Ross Institute to continue its work.  Please watch for new titles, and let Cave Moon Press know how we can partner to expand the project.  Below are the first three books contributing to the project.  Watch for more to come!

050522_BBA_Cover_CMP_Front_low_res (2).jpg

Young Adult Science Fiction for Middle School: STEM emphasis

Bilingual English and Mandarin Poetry Book for Higher Ed use in English and Linguistics

Young Adult Mysteries for Middle School: STEM emphasis

Young Adult Science Fiction for Middle School: STEM emphasis

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